Cranberry Tea


Cranberry (Brusnica)

Tea for urine and kidney channels.
For mëshikzën urine and kidney, Brusnica contains vitamins A and C, potassium, minerals, bioflavonoid, filament plant, acidic, anthocyanins, proantocianida. Brusnicës consumption with reduced risk for various karrconiomet (especially colon cancer and breast cancer). Hipurike acidic acting antibiotic and antifungal. Anticionaninët pro Antocianët and help renew the vision. Drinking broznicës, lowers blood sugar, so it is recommended to take products brosnicës people. Brosnica mostly affecting the removal of inflammation, kidney, urinary canal, prostate and urinary mëshikëzes because those traits antibakteriologjike. Brosnica destroys Helicobacter-pylori, causes ulcers in the stomach and also in the urinary concentration of bacteria prevents ECSH.COLI.